Jan 09

360 Player

360 Player and All Play Sport have reached an agreement so that the software, of Swedish origin, lands in the sport of padel tennis as a technological solution to facilitate the management of the entire organization of a club.

360 Player, a start-up that started in the world of soccer more than 9 years ago, is currently being used by clubs such as Valencia CF, Bilbao CF and, recently, Rayo Vallecano. At the end of 2022, he made the leap to the sport of tennis, in leading facilities such as RCT Barcelona and the Rafa Nadal Academy.

Now, together with All Play Sport and Ba Padel Barcelona Resort, we are helping 360 Player to launch the sport of padel, so that soon the platform will be available in padel clubs and academies around the world.

All Play Sport betting on the most advanced technology!