Dec 10

Australian Open in Golf Barcelona

All Play Sport with Tennis Australia have coordinated the padel ad for fans of the Australian Open 2022( that will be held in Melbourne next January 2022) on the Barcelona Golf Club padel courts.

Tennis Australia, the tennis federation that has absorbed the padel federation of the Australian country, will focus on this 2022 edition of the Australian Open tennis with the spreading of the sport of padel, through the track in the commercial area of the tournament and the broadcasting of the video shot in Sant Esteve Sesrovires.

With the collaboration of brands such as Munich, Star Vie, Black Crown and World Padel Tour, we have been able to deliver a video to show Aussie fans how fun and dynamic the game of padel is.

You can see the video on our Instagram @allplay_sport

Padel in Australia, padel is chasing you!